A question that comes up time and time again: should we ignore all our issues and resistance to our dreams, and just focus on what we want? Law of Attraction guru, Esther Hicks, would say a resounding YES, and on the whole I agree. The trouble is that some of the resistance we hold in our deeper minds is HUGE, and it will keep getting in the way, no matter how hard we try to focus on our dreams.

This happened for me as an entrepreneur. No one could have focused as much I did on achieving my goals when I first set out. My first project, aged 28, was to launch a film magazine in London, and I literally went the whole journey – for two years I seemed to attract miracles and find a way to bring about my ultimate goal of launching a successful film magazine. I got past the first round of funding and seed capital, I attacted three angel investors into my project, secured a huge loan from Barclays Bank, and invested plenty of my own money too! But once we launched the product and it was in circuation we failed (drastically) to hit our sales targets, and the second round of funding dried up, so I had to cull the project and liquidate the company. For years, I couldn’t understand why I had not attracted success and why my product had not been successul. I even started to question the Law of Attraction.

It really was Peter Jones (from Dragon’s Den, BBC TV, UK) who identified what had been stopping me: deep down, I simply didn’t love myself. This meant that as an entrepreneur I didn’t believe I deserved business success, and so that was what I was attracting from the universe at an energetic level. Until I believed it was possible, it woudl never happen. And this was the kind of resistance that I really did have to address before I could move forward.

So, I agree with Esther that MOST OF THE TIME we should simply forget about what we don’t want and focus on what we do want, but if we are still stumbling on something, then maybe there is some resistance inside us that needs attention, and we do actually need to spring clean before we apply ourselves to the latest dream…