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Most of us deliver disappointing or mediocre outcomes in life because our subconscious minds believe that’s all we deserve. We’ve been conditioned to hold limiting beliefs about ourselves! Ask yourself this: is my subconscious mind sabotaging my life?

When we remove all our resistance, the universe delivers our dreams instantly. Sometimes, it amazes me how simple it is to attract to our desires. The key is to focus on what we want, not what we don’t want!


Affirmations Don’t Work

Affirmations Don’t Work

I hear people say, “Affirmations don’t work” all the time, but affirmations DO WORK. The problem is that people say affirmations, then don’t follow up..

Manifest A Lottery Win

Manifest A Lottery Win

Watch this video to hear Esther Hicks’ pertinent advice on how to go about manifesting a lottery win and whether it’s something you should try to do.

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