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Hello! I’m Elizabeth Hackford, the Law of Attraction Lady! I don’t profess to be a spiritual guru, nor a high-flying entrepreneur who’s achieved endless success by putting the Law of Attraction into practice, nor am I going to tell you how easy it all is.

In fact, I’m just an honest individual, an entrepreneur, and a student of the Law of Attraction who can boast a wealth of experience.

As an entrepreneur, I started many businesses including launching a London film magazine, an alcopops drinks, and an overseas headhunting business. I was also one of six chosen contestants on Peter Jones’ reality TV show, Tycoon, that aired on ITV (UK) in the summer of 2007. The show didn’t receive good ratings, but for me it was a personal victory. Peter Jones enabled me to discover what was stopping me in business.

Until that point, I had struggled for years always falling short of success in my various endeavours. But I had been blaming the external, instead of looking internally. Thanks to Peter’s great advice, I finally looked in the mirror and realised it was my own lack of self-love that was sabotaging my success in business. I then understood the reasons for my failings, worked out what needed to be done, and took the necessary steps to make things better.

Since then, I’ve been enjoying a life of abundance and have even manifested my own miracles!

This website and the launch of my new YouTube channel are the culmination of 25 years learning the hard way! I’m delighted to share my real life experiences, relating them back to the Law of Attraction, and revealing the secret philosophies I’ve adopted along the way that I wish I’d known when I started out!



My Favourite Books

THINK AND GROW RICH (An Official Publication of the Napoleon Hill Foundation)

OUTWITTING THE DEVIL – The Secrets to Freedom and Success (Official Publication of the Napoleon Hill Foundation)

ASK AND IT IS GIVEN – Esther & Jerry Hicks

THE DIVINE MATRIX: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief – Gregg Braden

THE BRAIN THAT CHANGES ITSELF: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science – Norman Doidge, M.D.

THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED, Timeless Edition: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth – Scott Peck

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